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Can You Paint the Exterior of Your Home During the Winter?

Did it occur to you to paint your home’s exterior during winter? Most people believe that painting is best done in the springtime, so this idea may appear unrealistic to them. However, many homeowners like to hire exterior painters this time of year. One good reason to do so is that it is less expensive to hire painting services during this time. Although painting the exterior of your home during the winter is a possibility, certain conditions must be met for this project to be a success.

Take note of the following tips if you decide to have the exterior of your home painted during this cold season.

1. Be mindful of the temperature

If you live in a mild winter climate, the painting should go smoothly. Temperature changes should be tracked in states where the temperature does not rise above 30°F, such as Massachusetts. It is strongly advised to paint the exterior when the temperature is between 35°F and 50°F. Because it can get too cold at night, most painters recommend painting late in the morning after the sun has warmed up the outside.

2. The paint dries faster

During the hot season, the surface becomes muggy or damp, resulting in paint blistering, chipping, and flaking. However, because there is less humidity in the cold weather, the paint dries faster. So, contrary to popular opinion, painting the exterior of your building during the winter may not be such a bad idea after all.

3. Keep track of the weather

Even though the cold air speeds up the drying time of the paint, winter has its drawbacks. Storms are the most difficult challenge when painting during this season. The extremely cold weather will cause dew to form on the surface, making it more difficult for the paint to dry. But keeping an eye on the weather and planning accordingly will solve this problem. 

4. Choose a quality-paint

Choose  a quality paint - Quality  Preferred  Painting

Paints of various types are used for a number of purposes. If you want to have the exterior painted right away, you should choose the best paint for the job. There are paint additives that are designed to make the paint more freeze-resistant. This will allow the paint to dry faster while still remaining safe in the event of a winter storm. When it comes to winter painting, never ever compromise with the quality of your paint. Look for specialty paint that is suitable for your exterior material and weather.

5. Call your painting service provider

Yes, painting your exterior in the winter differs from painting your interior. Although exterior painting is likely during this cold season, it is still best to leave it to the professionals. Inquire with your local painting service provider about your options. Painters who have been in the business for a long time have developed specific techniques for exterior painting during the winter. Choosing local painters is even better because they are familiar with the weather in your area.  

Yes, you can paint during winter with us!

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The Better Business Bureau is Still Relevant

Quality Preferred Paint has been an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau for many years.  Being a top member and maintaining excellent reviews have been a great source of pride for us.  When researching a company for house painting, power washing, or any other major job for your home, it should matter.  If a company is accredited, and in good standing, that is a significant decision-maker.  It is not easy to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and therefore you can trust this proven tool.


For many years, the Better Business Bureau has been the go-to when researching any business. It is understandable that many people often wonder if they should even bother with this online rating service. You may also look at the BBB as a dated resource and not widely appreciated by the customer base you are targeting. Its rivals such as Yelp, Google Reviews, etc. have taken over and should be part of your research and/or business plan – but also include the BBB.

The cost is minimal – depending on how you go about membership.  We have found that the benefits of maintaining an active membership have outweighed the expense when we have managed it correctly. After considering the many options, I see the Better Business Bureau as a good use of money from our budget.

Because the BBB is established, the SEO (search engine optimization) is undeniable for search results. First, Google does its rankings based in part on how valuable and relevant the information is. Also, sites may get “classified” because they include content relevant to the topic area. The writing and content should be easy and to the point for not only humans, but search engine bots as well. But, if you are joining the BBB or other such organizations to help you with your SEO rankings, that reason alone is probably not a great idea. Although you may get help in rankings due to the associated links, reviews and an accurate profile is more important.

After all is said and done, we have found that the public still turns to the BBB when researching a business’s reputation. They have hundreds of reviews – good and bad. There is no question that prospects and competitors say that they read them. The BBB accreditation may be the icing on the cake from gathering leads or merely showcasing your work. Considering all the marketing methods of research and promoting your company, it may get you started.

Most importantly, when a company gets accepted and “accredited” by the BBB, to keep a high score, you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t have bad reviews out there. Of course, not all customers will be satisfied, and you may have other issues, but you can and should address it. That complaint can compromise the trust factor when viewed for information on your company. If you are accredited and have a customer complaint, consider it a great opportunity to step up and address the problem publicly and show good faith. In many cases, the disgruntled customer may happily remove the claim.

Quality Preferred Paint is a proud accredited member of the BBB and it as part of our plan to provide accurate information to our customers.