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Can You Paint the Exterior of Your Home During the Winter?

Did it occur to you to paint your home’s exterior during winter? Most people believe that painting is best done in the springtime, so this idea may appear unrealistic to them. However, many homeowners like to hire exterior painters this time of year. One good reason to do so is that it is less expensive to hire painting services during this time. Although painting the exterior of your home during the winter is a possibility, certain conditions must be met for this project to be a success.

Take note of the following tips if you decide to have the exterior of your home painted during this cold season.

1. Be mindful of the temperature

If you live in a mild winter climate, the painting should go smoothly. Temperature changes should be tracked in states where the temperature does not rise above 30°F, such as Massachusetts. It is strongly advised to paint the exterior when the temperature is between 35°F and 50°F. Because it can get too cold at night, most painters recommend painting late in the morning after the sun has warmed up the outside.

2. The paint dries faster

During the hot season, the surface becomes muggy or damp, resulting in paint blistering, chipping, and flaking. However, because there is less humidity in the cold weather, the paint dries faster. So, contrary to popular opinion, painting the exterior of your building during the winter may not be such a bad idea after all.

3. Keep track of the weather

Even though the cold air speeds up the drying time of the paint, winter has its drawbacks. Storms are the most difficult challenge when painting during this season. The extremely cold weather will cause dew to form on the surface, making it more difficult for the paint to dry. But keeping an eye on the weather and planning accordingly will solve this problem. 

4. Choose a quality-paint

Choose  a quality paint - Quality  Preferred  Painting

Paints of various types are used for a number of purposes. If you want to have the exterior painted right away, you should choose the best paint for the job. There are paint additives that are designed to make the paint more freeze-resistant. This will allow the paint to dry faster while still remaining safe in the event of a winter storm. When it comes to winter painting, never ever compromise with the quality of your paint. Look for specialty paint that is suitable for your exterior material and weather.

5. Call your painting service provider

Yes, painting your exterior in the winter differs from painting your interior. Although exterior painting is likely during this cold season, it is still best to leave it to the professionals. Inquire with your local painting service provider about your options. Painters who have been in the business for a long time have developed specific techniques for exterior painting during the winter. Choosing local painters is even better because they are familiar with the weather in your area.  

Yes, you can paint during winter with us!

Quality Preferred Painting has been in the painting industry since 1987, providing excellent painting services to South Shore residents and businesses. Our team has completed numerous painting and carpentry projects in kinds of seasons. One of the things that set us apart from the competition is our willingness to build genuine relationships with our customers. We don’t just see you as a customer; we see you as a member of our family.

When it comes to painting services, QUALITY is our middle name! Call us today at 781-356-2050 for a free estimate on the services you need.

Plaster Vs Drywall

When it comes to finishing a wall, your two best options are to have it plastered or drywalled. If you haven’t heard of them yet, plastering and drywalling are the two most popular wall finishing methods that contractors most often recommend. Even in home remodeling or renovation, both have been widely recommended.

These two wall finishing methods have distinct characteristics that can be either a benefit or a disadvantage. So, how do you choose between plaster and drywall? Continue reading to learn more about their distinguishing characteristics, so you’ll know exactly which type would better suit your preferences.


Material Make-Up

You should begin by learning about their material components. Plaster is a pasty substance that hardens after drying and is made of lime or gypsum, water, and sand. It is widely used as a finishing coat for walls, ceilings, and partitions in ancient items. Drywall, on the other hand, is primarily composed of gypsum sheets screwed or nailed into studs in a wall or ceiling. It is also known as wallboard. Such composition allows you to easily hang paintings and posters with pins and thumbtacks.


Because plaster has a more durable finish, most people prefer it over drywall. Even with a high level of drywall finish, plaster is superior in terms of durability because plaster does not allow mold to grow. With drywalls, a small crack can cause molds to grow and spread. Plaster also adds a high-end look to the wall, thereby adding elegance and aesthetics. Nonetheless, this does not mean that drywall is inferior to plaster.


Choosing plaster requires skilled and talented plasterers. This is because plaster is more labor-intensive than drywall.  Which is why, finishing a wall with plaster takes quite longer. During World War II, there was a labor shortage, so the demand for drywall increased to meet the housing demand. Plastering is not for everyone because it is time-consuming and delicate. Drywall, on the other hand, is less complicated and easier to install, and it takes less time to complete.


Plaster is more expensive than drywall. Aside from the time required for labor, the materials are also expensive. If you want a job well done, you should also hire skilled plasterers. On a regular scale, plaster is three times more expensive than drywall. So, if you want plaster, make sure you have a reliable contractor.


Plaster and drywall both require upkeep to maintain their appearance. However, drywall is less difficult to maintain than plaster. It is also less expensive than maintaining the plaster finish. Remember that if you have a plaster finished wall, you will need to hire skilled plasterers to repair and maintain it. Unlike other wall finishing types, plaster cannot be done through do-it-yourself methods. 


Since plaster is denser than drywall, it blocks sound transmission effectively. Plaster does a better sound-proofing job because of its material composition. So, when you think of obtaining more privacy, plaster is a much better choice.


Drywall is more thermally efficient than plaster. The drywall installation process allows for multiple layers of insulation to be installed in order for the modern insulation system to function properly. Better insulation also means lower energy bills.


Only Choose the Best!

Whether it’s plaster or drywall, expertise and professionalism are highly- needed to deliver quality work. Good thing that Quality Preferred Painting embodies both of these qualities. Our company serves the entire Boston community and South Shore area. For over 30 years, we have been providing high-quality painting services to the South Shore community. Part of our legacy is the respect and commitment we give to each home renovation project that is entrusted to us.​

At Quality Preferred Painting, we do much more than just paint. We provide a wide range of services that are designed to transform your home and business into a whole new and beautiful space. Our services include plastering, residential and commercial painting, power washing, carpentry, wallpapering, and more!

If you are ever in need of any type of painting services, give us a call at 781-356-2050. From a simple paint job to replacing damaged wood, we can handle it all.

Should I Hire A Professional to Hang My Wallpaper?

Have you been thinking of remodeling the interior of your house? Do you think it’s time to replace your old wallpaper with a new one? As a result, you are bothered with the decision of either hiring a pro or doing it yourself. 

You may think that hanging wallpaper is easy and fun. However, we’re sorry to tell you that it’s not. Wallpapering leaves no space for trial and error. If you make mistakes, you may damage the wallpaper. Thus, you may have to spend more than expected. To give you a more thorough explanation, here are five reasons why you should hire a professional to hang your wallpaper.


Professional Wallpapering Saves You Money

As mentioned above, professional wallpapering services will ultimately save you money. It’s not only because you won’t have to spend more on damaged wallpapers. Hanging wallpaper entails more work. For starters, you must have the necessary tools, like a measuring tape, smoothing brush, ladder, putty knife, rollers, and a professional-grade razor. Sure, you can use what’s available in your house, but you may not get the desired result. 

Professional Wallpapering Saves You Time

It’s indeed exciting to embark on what you may think is a fun and exciting activity. This is your first time doing this, so you feel thrilled to start right away. But are you sure you’re ready to do all the removing, deglossing, measuring, cutting, and pasting? The entire job can be tedious and will eat up so much of your time.

Hiring a professional, on the other hand, assures you that wallpapering service is done fast. Their years of experience coupled with industry knowledge allow them to perform the job as efficiently as possible.

Professional Wallpaper Contractors Have More Knowledge

An inexperienced person would most likely just hang the wallpaper right away without inspecting the walls beforehand. This, however, is not the right way to do it. An expert knows that they must check the condition of the wall first. They will also check the type of wall you have to see whether there is a need for deglossing or sandpapering. Without these steps taken into account, the result can be a total mess.

DIY Wallpaper Work Can Be Frustrating

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Hanging wallpaper is not enjoyable, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. There’s no room for mistakes. Once you already attach it, you may not remove or adjust it anymore. When your wallpaper has a pattern to it, there’s the additional stress of matching the pattern perfectly, as you hang each piece. If the pattern doesn’t line up properly, people will notice. Making these mistakes will make you feel frustrated. And unless you want to go through all of the stress, then hire a professional wallpaper contractor.

A Professional Wallpaper Contractor Gives Better Quality Work

This one is rather common sense. A professional ensures that the quality of the work is excellent. Having an inexperienced team, on the other hand, will only provide mediocre results. And you know what’s worse? You will have to look at your wall with uneven seams or bubbling surfaces for years to come. It’s surely not a good sight to see.

But beyond all these reasons, you know what the best one is? If you hire a professional wallpaper contractor, you won’t have to clean up all the mess after the work is done. Professionals make it a point to include this as part of their customer satisfaction goals. They won’t just leave after they have installed your wallpaper. Sounds great, right?


For someone keen on maintaining the value of their property, you should aim for quality work. Doing it yourself or hiring an amateur will only destroy the beauty of your interior. In Quality Preferred Painting, we promise you great results. We have all the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools to give you the best results that you want.

If you’re in Massachusetts or just nearby, visit our page for your professional wallpaper installation needs.


When Is It Time to Paint or Recoat The Exterior Of My Home?

Exterior house painting is an extensive project. Aside from choosing the best professional house painter, you have to schedule the project at a good time weather wise. But when do you know when it is time to paint or recoat the outer part of your home?


Choose The Ideal Weather

Your painting or recoating job does not stop at hiring the best house painters. To ensure that your painting or recoating project applies, dries, and cures perfectly, you must time your project when the environment is friendly to exterior painting. Keep two things in mind when deciding on the time: warm weather, but not too hot, and temperature fluctuations.

Warm and Dry Weather

Having the sun out and shining guarantees a quick dry time. Therefore, a dry and warm climate is the ideal weather to have when painting your home. But make sure that you check the weather forecast before and after your preferred schedule. If there are rainy days before the big day, allot time for your house to completely dry. Check the forecast for the days after the paint job too. Verify if there would be scattered rain showers that might affect the paint’s drying process.

Temperature Fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations affect paint’s curing process. Sudden drops cause reactions that can lead to chipping, peeling, bubbling, or cracking. Avoid these by being aware of the possible temperature shifts from day to night. Remember, the paint’s curing process is as necessary as a skilled application for a smooth surface finish.

We at Quality Preferred Painting highly recommend that you paint the exterior of your home during early summer and early fall. These seasons offer the best weather conditions. It rarely rains during these times too! Not to mention the few temperature fluctuations that occur during these days. 

Find The Right Temperature

How do you know when the temperature is right to start painting? The answer is simple: when it is not a day of stifling heat and sizzling sunshine, but rather a day of moderate humidity. Wow1day.com reminds us that moderately humid weather dries paint favorably.

Depending on where you live, summer can get too hot. So although it is the best season to complete your house exterior paint project, only engage in exterior paint jobs when it is not scorching outside. 

For one, it is not recommended for home painters- or anyone in this matter- to paint when the weather is scalding. Also, extreme heat can dry the paint too quickly. If this happens right after application, the freshly painted surface may not be as smooth as it could be. Brush marks can ruin your work. Dried up clumps of paint from the brush can also be deposited into the surface that you are painting.

House Exterior Painting Do’s

Below are some of the things you should have make sure your painting company is doing: 

  • Clean the surface

Because paint does not stick well to unclean or rough surfaces, carefully clean, trim, dry, and sand the siding. Scrape or sand any peeling paint to produce a smooth surface for the new color to cling to.

  • Let moist surfaces dry

Paint does not cling to a wet or moist surface. This is also one reason why you should not paint when it is raining because rain can wash away paint.

  • Use primer

Do not skip priming! Most paints nowadays are infused with primers. Although more expensive, they are worth every penny.

  • Start from the top to bottom

Work with gravity to control the streaks. You can feather out mishaps as you go down.


Employ the most skilled home painters in Massachusetts. If you are a homeowner living in the South Shore, Milton Quincy, or Braintree, we would be glad to assist you! We will walk you through the steps to have your house painted. You plan, we execute. Please consult with us today

Carpentry Wood Repairs at Home


Are you having problems with any wood products at home?  Perhaps some furniture or cabinetry may need some sprucing up or needs repair. Have you been planning to work on that improvement project for a while and don’t know where to start? If so, then we can probably help you out.

Wood has always been one of the most commonly selected materials when it comes to residential homes. And this is probably because it has excellent insulation properties compared to other materials such as plastic or steel.

This means that with wood, there is less energy required to maintain the heat and cooling inside your home. And on top of that, it can even regulate humidity levels to some extent. 

However, the issue with wood is that it tends to deteriorate and break down over time due to a lot of factors. It could be due to termites, old age, accumulated damages over time, etc. And when this happens, it can be troublesome, especially for the involved parties.

Fortunately for you, Quality Preferred is here to help you out with all your wood repair needs. 

Why Choose Quality Preferred for your Carpentry Needs?  Choosing Quality Preferred lives up to its name and allow us to tell you why.

We are a family-based business in South Shore MA.  We have been providing quality painting services to local companies and residents for about 30 years now. Although our business initially started specializing in painting services, we do more than paint. We also offer many other services such as wood repairs and many more.

Here at Quality Preferred, we believe that quality service should always come first. And as such, you are assured that you will only be getting the best. We prioritize customer satisfaction and proper planning above anything else. This means that you will get the best results and value for the money on any project.

Our flexible staff has many talents from the extensive experience in various projects. We offer painting, carpentry work, wallpaper installation, plastering, etc. So, if you have projects that require multiple services, you do not have to look any further. WE have the expertise to complete the entire project.

Lastly, our company practices excellent and ethical business outlines. In fact, we are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, and we strictly follow all of their guidelines and practices. This means that we will always be honest and upfront when it comes to our rates and prices. You do not have to worry about any hidden charges, and we always stay within the budget that is discussed.

Whatever woodwork it may be, restoration, repairing or installation, etc. our team will be more than happy to help you out.  So, look around your home and see if you need to replace damaged or rotted wood, decks, trim, etc. and you may be surprised.

The services that we provide are done with passion and dedication. Maybe it is time to get yourself a reliable company to help you out with your wood repair needs.
​Rest assured, we will not disappoint your expectations. 


The Better Business Bureau is Still Relevant

Quality Preferred Paint has been an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau for many years.  Being a top member and maintaining excellent reviews have been a great source of pride for us.  When researching a company for house painting, power washing, or any other major job for your home, it should matter.  If a company is accredited, and in good standing, that is a significant decision-maker.  It is not easy to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and therefore you can trust this proven tool.


For many years, the Better Business Bureau has been the go-to when researching any business. It is understandable that many people often wonder if they should even bother with this online rating service. You may also look at the BBB as a dated resource and not widely appreciated by the customer base you are targeting. Its rivals such as Yelp, Google Reviews, etc. have taken over and should be part of your research and/or business plan – but also include the BBB.

The cost is minimal – depending on how you go about membership.  We have found that the benefits of maintaining an active membership have outweighed the expense when we have managed it correctly. After considering the many options, I see the Better Business Bureau as a good use of money from our budget.

Because the BBB is established, the SEO (search engine optimization) is undeniable for search results. First, Google does its rankings based in part on how valuable and relevant the information is. Also, sites may get “classified” because they include content relevant to the topic area. The writing and content should be easy and to the point for not only humans, but search engine bots as well. But, if you are joining the BBB or other such organizations to help you with your SEO rankings, that reason alone is probably not a great idea. Although you may get help in rankings due to the associated links, reviews and an accurate profile is more important.

After all is said and done, we have found that the public still turns to the BBB when researching a business’s reputation. They have hundreds of reviews – good and bad. There is no question that prospects and competitors say that they read them. The BBB accreditation may be the icing on the cake from gathering leads or merely showcasing your work. Considering all the marketing methods of research and promoting your company, it may get you started.

Most importantly, when a company gets accepted and “accredited” by the BBB, to keep a high score, you’re going to want to make sure that you don’t have bad reviews out there. Of course, not all customers will be satisfied, and you may have other issues, but you can and should address it. That complaint can compromise the trust factor when viewed for information on your company. If you are accredited and have a customer complaint, consider it a great opportunity to step up and address the problem publicly and show good faith. In many cases, the disgruntled customer may happily remove the claim.

Quality Preferred Paint is a proud accredited member of the BBB and it as part of our plan to provide accurate information to our customers.


Four Reasons Interior Painting Is Important

Do you know the best time to paint the interior of your home? Believe it or not, it’s during the winter; all it takes is one coat of fresh paint to transform a space completely.
If you are looking for local interior house painters, give Quality Preferred Painting a call today. We would love to help you transform the inside of your home.


With that being said, here are four reasons interior painting is so important.

1. It Cleans Your Walls

As crazy as this sounds, most people don’t clean their walls. It’s just something most homeowners don’t think about. And because of this, there is more dirt and grime on your walls than you realize. When you decide to repaint your walls, the first thing a professional paint crew will do is sand and clean the surface. They will then put down a layer of primer to make sure the paint color shows up the right way. During this process, you will notice your walls have become a lot cleaner.

2. It Protects Your Walls

Interior paint isn’t just about making your walls look good. It actually serves in the same capacity as exterior paint. Paint, be it interior or exterior, helps keep moisture out and prevents the build-up of mold and mildew. It also serves as a repellent of dirt and allergens. This means you will be less likely to get sick when you have your walls properly painted. If your home happens to have plaster walls, a fresh coat of paint can help prevent dust from forming in areas where the plaster would otherwise deteriorate.

3. It Looks Good

Let’s not fool ourselves here. The main reason most homeowners want to repaint their interior walls is to make them look better. It’s more so about the aesthetics and not the function. Painting your walls is a simple way to bring about a dramatic change within your home. If you live in a small space, an easy way to open things up is to paint your walls a bright color. Light colors will open up a room, while dark colors will make it seem smaller and cozier. When it comes to paint colors for your next interior painting project, you should be very mindful of what you choose. The wrong color could literally ruin everything. The right color, on the other hand, can completely change the mood of a space.

4. It Can Increase The Value of Your Home

Yes, you read that right. A simple interior paint job can add hundreds, maybe even thousands, to the overall value of your home. If you are thinking of reselling your home, the increase in value means you can get a higher price for the home. Repainting your walls may be the most affordable, and least complicated way, to add value to your home. There is no other remodeling project you can do for so little. And you never know, that new paint job may be just the thing that pushes the buyer to want your home. If you are looking for the best way to get a big return on your investment, paint your home’s interior walls.

Contact Quality Preferred Painting Today

If you are looking to paint your home’s interior walls, the crew at Quality Preferred Painting would love to help. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your painting project is a huge success. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to paint one room in your home or all the rooms in your home; we stand ready to assist you.

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