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Which to Choose – Paint versus Wallpaper

When it comes to styling your room or entire home, the color of the walls and ceiling make a big difference. It’s about choosing the right one that will suit your taste and whether you would like to use paint and wallpaper.

Both paint and wallpaper make a great choice in covering the walls. It’s your room and your choice of design. To help you make an informed decision on whether to apply paint or wallpaper, a list of some of the essential differences between the two is provided below.

What They Do to Your Home

What They Do to Your Home - Quality Preferred Paint

Paint and wallpaper can truly be transformational in any room, big or small. Light paint colors make a room look soft and airy. Dark colors give the effect of a cozier, smaller-looking space. In other words, paint color can make a room appear bigger or smaller than it actually is.

Paints and wallpapers allow you to cover up any imperfections in your room, particularly on the walls. They are also helpful in detecting any issues in your roof and flashing when your walls and ceiling show any discoloration or stains.

There’s a lot more that paint and wallpaper can do, depending on the result you desire. Whichever of the two you choose to use for your walls, your room will definitely get something good from it, be it paint or wallpaper. Some of the known factors to consider are the cost, variety of design, durability, reaction to humidity, maintenance, and customization.

Things to Consider between Paint and Wallpaper

Things to Consider between Paint and Wallpaper - Quality Preferred Paint


· Expectedly, paints that are high-quality and long-lasting often cost more based on the brand, type, and finish. Those that cost lower require retouching. To

complete your painting project, too, you will have to buy supplies like brushes, paint trays, rollers, tape, floor and furniture protection.

· With wallpapers, you will need less, thus, requiring less money. It lasts longer than paint but may not add any more to the value of your property as an investment in the future. For better results, using removable wallpapers is a good choice. They can be taken down easily and be used for other walls.

Variety of design

Variety of design - Quality Preferred Paint

· Both paint and wallpaper offer a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. Such variety adds to the possibility of adding a unique new look for your home. Paint offers a variety of colors that can be mixed and matched to achieve the effect you want for your room, as well as finishes.

· Wallpaper is available in many colors and patterns that are elegant and classical or even contemporary. You can choose from finishes like vinyl, fabric, foil printed, embossed textures, and suede, among others.


Durability - Quality Preferred Paint

· Five years may be the longest time a well-finished paint can last. It can fade and flake due to high usage and exposure to sunlight in some areas. Lighter colors require retouching in three years or less.

· Wallpaper lasts longer, up to fifteen years or more. Yet, the disadvantage of it is that it is at risk of tearing and with any mishap, you’ll need to redo everything.


Quality Preferred Paint - Maintenance

· Touching up the existing paint on your walls may be done yearly to keep them in top shape. Every type of paint has its own care instructions, which you must be able to follow to ensure good results.

· Surprisingly, wallpapers only need to be wiped with a damp cloth so it’s going to look as good as new.


Quality Preferred - Customization

· Because they are capable of being mixed up and combined, paint is more flexible when it comes to customization. There are a thousand more colors to choose from that you can use to achieve the color you’ve been wanting for your wall.

· Wallpaper is manufactured with the print and pattern. As a homeowner, you can only pick one from those that were already made that’s close to what you envisioned to have in your room walls. Customization is not yet available for wallpapers as of today.

Asking the Experts

Asking the Experts - Qquality Preferred Paint

Having the ability to pick between paint and wallpaper is given to any homeowner aiming to achieve the perfect cozy haven for their family. However, when the time comes that you’re confused or unsure of which will be best for your use, consulting experts in painting services is smart. Professional painters can also inform you of other important things to know about decorating your walls.

When it comes to colors, professionals at Quality Preferred Painting is the one you need. They are highly-trained and skilled in painting any wall with the right hue and appeal. We are locals living in Boston and South Shore area, which makes us very familiar with the local architecture. Our painting techniques also help in enhancing the beauty and glamor of our hometown.

Contact us at 781-356-2050 to start planning for your next painting project. We’ll make you proud to be the envy of the neighborhood!

The Perfect Combination of Colors for Your Interior

The best colors for your house are the ones that you love. It’s your home, your resting place after a long day, and your safe haven. It deserves the perfect combination to create the right ambiance and feel you deserve.

Colors do magic to a plain room, too. They can turn an empty space elegant and lively in a snap. Whether it’s a big or small room you desire to paint, the key is to make the right decision on which color to use, which is sometimes a big challenge to homeowners.

Get some wonderful inspirations and guidance on how to create a match-made-in-heaven type of color scheme. Read on to learn more.

What Colors do to Your Interior

What Colors do to Your Interior-Quality Preferred Painting Soutn Shore, MA

Each color has its meaning which can be based on your personality, taste, and budget. At the same time, colors come in different types, such as primary, secondary, and tertiary. They can also vary in terms of tone, tint, and shade. When it’s time to paint your interior, it’s also time to brush up on your art basics.

Primary colors

The colors red, yellow, and blue are included in this group which are not made by mixing any two colors together. Blue is for serenity and calmness, red for passionate and energized, whereas yellow is for happy and spontaneous.

Secondary colors

Green, purple, and orange make up the secondary colors. They are the colors that are formed through the combination of two primary colors; for example, blue and yellow make green. The feeling of abundance is what green means. Purple is a sign for wisdom, bravery, and spirituality, while orange is for excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.

Tertiary colors

These group of colors are the six shades that are formed by combining the primary and secondary colors like blue-violet and yellow-orange. Adding black, grey, or white to the mixture may also help achieve something nicer for your room.


The brightness or deepness of the color is the tone. Grey makes a big difference when mixed with any other color.


The tint is the shade of colors that is created by mixing them with the white color.


This term refers to the lightness or darkness of colors as well as to similar colors like the shades of green, etc. The shade of colors often change when black or white is added to the mixture.

How to Choose the Right Scheme

Avoid restricting yourself with what’s trendy or the traditional color schemes of today. You can always choose to use your own preference in choosing the paint color for your space. Some of the most effective ways to figure this out are the following:

1. Look for some color inspiration.

Inspiration abounds all around you, like in magazines and catalogs, both old and new. The internet is also a reliable source of ideas with the pictures of room vignettes and paint brands that it features. All you need is to pick the one that works well for you.

2. Read about color theories.

Your knowledge of the color wheel back in elementary school may spark up some creative ideas in you. You don’t have to study it all over again, however. Just be familiar with the combination in the wheel and find out how each color relates to one another. Once you know the colors you want, you may check out the nearest store for any available shade or tint to use.

3. Play with neutral paint colors.

Neutral colors do not only refer to light or plain colors that are often taken as laid-back or boring. How you use these colors always matters which can be done by revolutionizing your neutral color palette. For instance, having neutral walls matched with a pastel ceiling is perfect to add color while still keeping the soothing effect of your room.

4. Match the colors with the others in the room.

A room is never complete without other elements like a sofa, bed, curtains, etc. Therefore, when deciding on the paint color, you may also match it with the colors of the print in your bedsheet, pillowcases, and others. That way, you will include all other things in your room in perfect harmony.

5. Search outdoors for more inspiration.

Nature has various colors that also make a nice combination for indoor spaces. The blues of the beach or the foliage green of trees may be the type you would like to create. Take a picture of your favorite spot outside to show to your painters for the basis of your final choice for paint.

Excellent Quality Paint Services For Your Home

Excellent Quality Paint Services For Your Home-Quality Preferred Painting South Shore, MA

To make these steps simpler than you imagine, hiring expert painters is always a great option. They’ll cut short the process by helping you decide faster and easier. Anything about colors, professional painters know best.

At Quality Preferred Paint, we make sure that every corner is painted with the right touch of color. Whether it’s green, blue, yellow, or any color you desire, rest assured that your room will turn out just the way you envisioned it.

Our experts are not just painters, but we are also homeowners who are serious about achieving the best for all homes in the area. We want to bring you the most memorable stay at home you can ever experience. Making you happy is what we do best. That’s why we guarantee that quality always comes first in every painting service we provide. Call us at 781-356-2050 today to get a free quote and a free consultation.