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When Is It Time to Paint or Recoat The Exterior Of My Home?

Exterior house painting is an extensive project. Aside from choosing the best professional house painter, you have to schedule the project at a good time weather wise. But when do you know when it is time to paint or recoat the outer part of your home?

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Choose The Ideal Weather

Your painting or recoating job does not stop at hiring the best house painters. To ensure that your painting or recoating project applies, dries, and cures perfectly, you must time your project when the environment is friendly to exterior painting. Keep two things in mind when deciding on the time: warm weather, but not too hot, and temperature fluctuations.

Warm and Dry Weather

Having the sun out and shining guarantees a quick dry time. Therefore, a dry and warm climate is the ideal weather to have when painting your home. But make sure that you check the weather forecast before and after your preferred schedule. If there are rainy days before the big day, allot time for your house to completely dry. Check the forecast for the days after the paint job too. Verify if there would be scattered rain showers that might affect the paint’s drying process.

Temperature Fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations affect paint’s curing process. Sudden drops cause reactions that can lead to chipping, peeling, bubbling, or cracking. Avoid these by being aware of the possible temperature shifts from day to night. Remember, the paint’s curing process is as necessary as a skilled application for a smooth surface finish.

We at Quality Preferred Painting highly recommend that you paint the exterior of your home during early summer and early fall. These seasons offer the best weather conditions. It rarely rains during these times too! Not to mention the few temperature fluctuations that occur during these days. 

Find The Right Temperature

How do you know when the temperature is right to start painting? The answer is simple: when it is not a day of stifling heat and sizzling sunshine, but rather a day of moderate humidity. Wow1day.com reminds us that moderately humid weather dries paint favorably.

Depending on where you live, summer can get too hot. So although it is the best season to complete your house exterior paint project, only engage in exterior paint jobs when it is not scorching outside. 

For one, it is not recommended for home painters- or anyone in this matter- to paint when the weather is scalding. Also, extreme heat can dry the paint too quickly. If this happens right after application, the freshly painted surface may not be as smooth as it could be. Brush marks can ruin your work. Dried up clumps of paint from the brush can also be deposited into the surface that you are painting.

House Exterior Painting Do’s

Below are some of the things you should have make sure your painting company is doing: 

  • Clean the surface

Because paint does not stick well to unclean or rough surfaces, carefully clean, trim, dry, and sand the siding. Scrape or sand any peeling paint to produce a smooth surface for the new color to cling to.

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  • Let moist surfaces dry

Paint does not cling to a wet or moist surface. This is also one reason why you should not paint when it is raining because rain can wash away paint.

  • Use primer

Do not skip priming! Most paints nowadays are infused with primers. Although more expensive, they are worth every penny.

  • Start from the top to bottom

Work with gravity to control the streaks. You can feather out mishaps as you go down.

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